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MLS Division Graduation Celebration and Awards

MLS Graduation Celebration 2024

On May 16th, 2024, the MLS Division embarked on a new tradition of hosting an evening graduation celebration with a pinning ceremony and awards. The faculty selected The Student of the Year, Megan Hedrick. The students voted Rilie Pierce as their Peer of the Year. Current MLS students selected Professor Lacey Murphy as their Educator of the Year. 

One student wrote, "I don't have enough incredible words to say about Lacey. She was so very dedicated, caring, compassionate, and overall one of the best educators I have ever had the privilege to learn from. She was always easy to reach and worked with you to make sure you were doing okay, not only as a student but as a person. She was the only faculty member to reach out to me when I was going through some health concerns during rotations, and she made me feel cared for and not alone. Lacey has changed my life forever, and I am so very lucky to have learned from her.”

The MLS Division looks forward to hosting the Graduation Celebration again for the Class of 2025.

MLS Faculty with graduating MLS student