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Undergraduate positions

We currently have 2 undergraduate positions open to join our existing undergraduate students Erin Garzella and Andelin Beishline. I am interested in interviewing students who wish to undertake their honors research project with a focus on malaria, but I also accept students who want to undertake a long-term research project with a view to pursing a research degree such as PhD or MD/PhD. A commitment of at least 1 year working in my lab is required. 

Graduate students

We are always interested in talking with you if you are considering joining the Lamb lab to pursue doctoral research. I am looking for students who can work independently and in a multidisciplinary environment. Graduate students in the Lamb lab are expected to produce 2 first author primary research papers before graduation. Most projects are based at the University of Utah, Department of Pathology but there is opportunity to spend significant time working in Dr Lawrence Ayong’s laboratory at the Centre Pasteur Cameroon. We also have a number of joint T cell-based PhD projects with Dr Brian Evavold’s lab.

I am the Director of the Microbiology and Immunology Graduate Program and a faculty member of the Molecular Biology and the Neurosciences Graduate Programs at the University of Utah. If you are looking to apply to these programs please examine the links to determine what you need to do to apply.

Microbiology and Immunology
Molecular Biology

Postdoctoral positions

We currently have no funded postdoctoral openings at present. However, if you are interested in joining my lab to complete postdoctoral research please contact me to discuss. You should be willing to apply for independent funding in due course. The Department of Pathology has an excellent track record of support for independent postdoctoral scientists that eventually seek independent research positions.